Radioactive Sparrow: Farewell To Fresians (1980)

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RS1 Front

History has made Farewell To Freisans the first album in Radioactive Sparrow’s 83-title catalogue, but in truth is was a ‘Best Of…’ made up for tracks from three early albums that were sadly lost. Lost, but actually given to fans who showed insufficient respect for the historical significance of such original expression. The original albums (issued on cassette) were: Memories of Roman Times, Machines, and Magnetic Cow (all 1980).

Ozzy Oskins: Lead Vocals & Percussion (i.e. beating back of acoustic guitar with hands)
Bill Bargefoot: Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
Brooce Boyes: Rhythm Guitar (& Bass on ‘Siggie’, Percussion solo on ‘Appley Dappley’)

Recorded in the Study, Ewenny, Bridgend, Wales, UK during Spring (May) half-term 1980
Sessions produced & engineered (set-up and switched on) by Bill Bargefoot


Written by Gustav Thomas

November 21, 2008 at 10:41 am

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