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Tony Gage: This Is It! (1992)

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1992-93 is a period that is retrospectively most remarkable for the Radioactive Sparrow movies Deep Cop and Deep Cop 2: Too Deep A Cop. Both movies were written and directed by Tony Gage. Gage is a compulsive and perpetually engaged artist of true genius. He joined Radioactive Sparrow in 1988 over a year after the break-up of Grenade. His first solo album, 4-Track Recordings will be posted on Kakutopia just as soon as the original masters can be digitized and remixed.

This Is It! is the first of the two ‘Sierra Era’ albums and was partly intended as a tribute to early Sparrow: it is almost entirely made with overdubs made by playing back a previous track in front of the microphone of another tape recorder while recording the next track, a standard practice for early Sparrow post-production. The inclusion here of a chunk of Brian Johnson-era AC/DC doing ‘Highway to Hell’ live is a direct reference to the track ‘Genesis’ on The Nicaragua Tapes (1982) which was itself 10 minutes or so straight out of Trick of the Tail.

This Is It!’s centerpiece is the 19-minute ‘JESUS CHRIST’ for which he is joined by Andrew (Bernard) Harrison for part-rehearsed kitchen renditions of songs from Jesus Christ Superstar which they had both listened to avidly as kids.


Tony Gage – all instruments except ‘JESUS CHRIST’ featuring Andrew Harrison

Recorded by Tony Gage in Roath, Cardiff, Autumn 1992.


Written by Gustav Thomas

November 27, 2009 at 9:48 pm

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