Radioactive Sparrow – Lovely Noise For Lovely Boyes (1983)

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This is sort of where it really starts. The first album to emerge from the bitty époque wherein Bargefoot and Cox (and later also Boyes) were pursuing the domain of normal rocking, having a band (The Sculpture Drinks) and rehearsing regularly with non-Kak musicians who took music seriously, who liked Rush, and Queen, and so on. The opener, ‘Anal Entry’, was recorded as a one-song session just before the ‘serious’ band members turned up for practice, Brooce stealing in ahead to burn it up before the repression of careerist aims-halitosis contaminated the air. The band (the real band, Sparrow) were thrilled at how ‘Anal Entry’ came out, the first indication that Kak could deliver material that could almost rock for real. It became the band’s first proper ‘hit’ in the network of hand-to-hand tape potlatch at school – where first they garnered peer respect simply by dint of being a band, ‘Anal Entry’ gave them a rep. And Bill’s mum even insisted, legendarily, on playing it while the family were at the dinner table.

As an album, it’s almost a classic, but the last two songs are rubbish (well, dull anyway), so it tumbles in the final strait. However, tracks like ‘Faecal Obsession I’, ‘The Copropheliac’ (about Mozart) and ‘Paul’s Birthday’ have enough adventure to make them truly seminal in the evolution of Kak.

Trivia tosh: The Paul of ‘Paul’s Birthday’ was Paul Burston who went on to become Time Out’s gay columnist and occasional gay-issue expert-pundit whenever there are big topical debates about the age of consent etc. And the tight brief-sporting lap featured on the cover is actually Tom Jones. Tom Jones – but just his pants, balls and thighs, man.

Oh, and the announcement of the date as ‘16th of May 1982’ at the start of ‘The Pube In A Loob’ was deliberately misleading – the idea was to record a session and present it as vintage archive material.


Brooce Boyes/Bill Bargefoot/Dai Cox/Heaving Stews

Recorded in the Shed, Summer 1983


1) Anal Entry

2) Faecal Obsession II

3) My Mini’s Broken Down Again

4) Abortion 83,000

5) The Pube In A Loob

6) The Copropheliac

7) Paul’s Birthday

8) Proboscis Manoger

9) Aeroplanogue

10) The Rose & The Chain

11) Next II (83)



Written by Gustav Thomas

January 23, 2010 at 9:48 pm

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