Radioactive Sparrow – Death of Prefoetus (1984)

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Death of Prefoetus
was recorded following a nine-month lay-off that temporarily halted the great Sparrow’s progress. During the hiatus the band occupied themselves with ‘A’ Levels, proper sex and more standard music-making. Bargefoot, Boyes and Cox saw to its natural conclusion the rehearsing band Sculpture Drinks (at whose throngy debut they had played ‘Anal Entry’ as an impromptu encore) made fourful with keyboardist Owen Powell. Summer ’84 also saw the first Gwilly Edmondez solo material (the cassette album Singing For the Pleasure of a Daydream concocted Sparrow’s improvisationality with a late adolescent’s pseudo-psychedelic botchy studio experiments) as well as The Economy of Islands, a faux-sophisticate duo-poetic between Gwilly and Owen. These albums will become available presently, as indeed they must.

Actually, the little fellaz had forgotten about Radioactive Sparrow, and it seems that it was only the experience of going away to college and trying to ground themselves among new, culturally richer and more diverse society, needing to project a more distinct identity, that Kak became more important than ever. Death of Prefoetus was recorded on a first-weekend-visit-home, having psyched up new friends with the prospect of a new album by this crazy band they’d been playing to giggling grace in dingy student housing. They sensed that they could be momentarily special and that Kak was the elixir whence. And that confidence energizes the opening strains, fantasizing a getting-on-with-business rock industry work ethic – the album as part of a rugged freight strain pounded daily with the tread of nonchalant professionals.

It sort of loses focus from there, but there was enough in the broader girth of Maid Albong to warrant fresh anticipations.


1)     Death of Babies
2)     My Name Is Berabel
3)     Anal Retention Type
4)     Potatoe
5)     The Cutting Garden I
6)     The Cutting Garden II
7)     Gross Misconduct
8)     In This Place We Love Each Other
9)     Kak Porter

Personnel (all insts & voices):
Bill Bargefoot
Brooce Boyes
Dai Cox

Recorded in the Hut, Ewenny, late October 1984



Written by Gustav Thomas

September 3, 2010 at 12:23 pm

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