Gwilly Edmondez Interview & Session on WFMU’s Do Or DIY With People Like Us

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(photo by Lucy Hancock)
Gwilly Edmondez on DO or DIY with People Like Us
Wednesday 8th September

On WFMU at 7pm NY time

Improvising vocalist and sampler-spitter Gwilly Edmondez joined People Like Us to talk about paperweights, bog-standard footwear and 50 Pence, while dashing off a handful of 21st century pop songs that are already ahead of their time. In a revealing discussion, Gwilly helped unravel some of the mysteries of modern awareness while promoting the complete decomposition of all music.

The session included four new tracks made directly in response to the interview, their titles rising to the crest of interlocution in the most natural manner. Vicki also suggested that Gwilly make all four tracks on the newly acquired Korg MicroSAMPLER, which he then did, preparing the samples in 49, Longlands Court (Denbigh Rd.), London, then performing the actual songs on a crowded train to Wales. Funny looks etc.

Full tracklisting can be found on the show’s playlist:



Written by Gustav Thomas

September 9, 2010 at 1:34 pm

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