Radioactive Sparrow – Pros & Cons of a Popular Vicar (1985)

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(Bed, Beach & Bollocks Trilogy Part Three)

The Bed, Beach & Bollocks trilogy closes out with an album that is only slightly better than the trilogy’s opener, On Th Bed, purely by dint of there being quite a lot of vocals and lyrics and that. Or maybe not – since posting On Th Bed I’ve re-listened a few times and a makes a new, historic sense in the way that … Vicar doesn’t… The album consists of a track by Bargefoot and Cox (‘Eddih’) – the pair beginning to take control of aesthetic affairs ahead of their densely meditational duo séances later the same year – followed by six pieces recorded at Adamsdown from a session featuring Jas Davies and Dick James, half of the songs using tracks from On Th Bed as backing.

Who’s to say?

‘Eddih’ shows some discipline, spark and invention, while most of the rest of the album is indistinguishable from any random student-lounge plopping out to their misapprehension of all things social, political and environmental, perhaps best summed up by the opening fart test, tacked on to ‘Eddih’ from the Adamsdown tapes. Truly, it’s a mess: it’s stupid and lazy, like Kiss, one of the original Kak xeno-prods – and the avid Sparrow chronoholic will reach the carpet-staining close of ‘Love At Sundown’ with some genuine relief that the trilogy has been put to bed, beached and bollocked. Fear not, mind: the second trilogy, in 1987, more than compensates. And, indeed, the album that follows this, Dai & Will Sessions ’85 does more than enough to reclaim the saga’s momentum.


1.     Eddih
2.     Down On The Farm
3.     Freddie Jeans
4.     Once Upon An Alice
5.     Silence Is Golden and Sticky

6.     Sea Shore Shell Sore
7.     Love At Sundown


Dai Cox
Brooce Boyes
Bill Bargefoot
Jas Davies
Dick ‘Y’Can’t’ James

Recorded at the Old Mill & Adamsdown, April-May 1985



Written by Gustav Thomas

October 1, 2010 at 10:09 am

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