Make Property History Show 2: Tubism, with Alex Campbell & John Pope

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The second Make Property History on Culture Lab Radio featured very special studio guests Alex Campbell and John Pope writing parts of Gwilly’s continuity and discussing the sex appeal of Jimmy Page and Robert Plant.

Unfortunately the recording is missing the 15-minute close-out that was taken over by John and Alex after Gwilly went for the train – turns out recording from the stream is not totally reliable so we’ll record off the mixer from now on. Missing tracks includes more Brown Torpedo, more Drenching, Count Basie and Bootsy Collins…

Brown Torpedo – ‘Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry’
Roscoe Mitchell – ‘Stomp And The Far East Blues’
The Fall – ‘I’ve Been Duped’
Greg Genre – ‘In the Toy or In Me’
Grunt – ‘Pripyat’
Bark – ‘Mal’
Vuvudan Vaidat – ‘Tubist Cat-’ (with voices added by Gwilly, Alex, John & Ko-Le)
THF Drenching – ‘Ian Howard’


Written by Gustav Thomas

December 24, 2010 at 3:45 pm

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