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Gwilly Edmondez/Bloomin’ Caroline/Ludal Le Chacal – I Fucking Love That! (2009)

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On Friday 13th November 2009, Gwilly Edmondez, Bloomin’ Caroline and Ludal Le Chacal performed as live vocalists and situational improvisors in the Sound of Aircraft Attacking Britain presentation The Velvet Lantern, a four-hour video/performance installation programmed as part of the Cardiff performance art festival Experimentica 09. The performance took place in Chapter Art Centre’s roomy Stiwdio space; the logistical complications were such that SAAB’s Richard Bowers and Ian Watson spent pretty much the whole day setting up and eliminating problems arising. Outside the rain pounded the Welsh capital in the heavy and relentless way that is particular to South Wales and the South West UK; the trio would probably have spent the day drifting around Cardiff city centre, seeing sights and wasting energies on anodyne distractions. But with the flooding deluge outside, they were instead confined to the studio control room above the performance space where their habitual noise-making inevitably evolved into an actual recording session using the only means they had, the mono mic on the Boss BR-1 that Edmondez was travelling with.

The session that emerged relates with real intensity the stir-crazy cabin fever that infested their collectivity that afternoon and was subsequently sweetly packaged and art-worked by Ludal. The weird thing is that November 13 2009 remains the only time this exact trio have performed; this album leaves you begging for more, and Kakutopia hopes very much that somehow the trio can reconvene in the not too distant future to pick up where they done left off.

1. Ouverture – I Fucking Love That… It’s Like Rick Wakeman
2. Act 1, scene 1- Psychiatric nursery
3. Act 1, scene 2 – I’m so sorry… bitte d’ane
4. Act 1, scene 3 – Jo the fucking taxi…c’est toi la tapette
5. Act 1, scene 4 – It’s actually Caroline’s voice
6. Act 1, scene 5 – One more time
7. Intermezzo
8. Meanwhile in Siberia
9 Meanwhile in Ilton Joan’s bedroom
10. Act 2, scene 1 – May somebody answer the damn phone
11 Act 2, scene 2 – Toi t’es pas beau, t’es pas mignon
12. Act 2, scene 3 – KGB Headquarters…really
13. Act 2, scene 4 – Je veux ma maman
14. Intermezzo2
15. Meanwhile inside culture lab’s printer
16. Meanwhile in Tatooine
17. Act 3, scene 1 – Organization
18. Act 3, scene 2 – Mikado train…are you allright
19. Act 3, scene 3 – Dog on acid
20. Act 3, scene 4 – Grand Finale

Gwilly Edmondez
Bloomin’ Caroline
Ludal Le Chacal


Written by Gustav Thomas

May 2, 2011 at 7:48 pm